Height Adjustable Workstations

Ensuring the correct posture whilst at work is essential for lowering the occurrence of back problems and other pain-related ailments. It can also help to provide relief for existing conditions.

Being able to change your working position at will can also offer a number of other benefits, such as improving engagement with coworkers, burning more calories, and increasing focus.

This is where height adjustable desks come into play, as they allow you to move from sitting to standing with ease. A height adjustable workstation could be electronically or manually operated.

Why should I buy a sit stand desk?

Many studies have shown that sitting for more than 6 hours a day is linked with a variety of health concerns (including obesity, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and even premature death).

The use of height adjustable workstations provides you with the option to sit or stand throughout the working day, which keeps your muscles active as well as reduces the aches and pains caused by repetitive movements.

What are the benefits of sit stand workstations?

These desks actually offer a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your employees. Some of the key ones include:

Improved Brain Activity

When we sit, fresh blood and oxygen aren't pumped around our bodies as quickly. This causes our brain function to slow, resulting in a lack of the brain and mood enhancing chemicals that we need to stay alert.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

When we sit, our muscles burn less fat and our blood starts to flow slower. This allows fatty acids to easily clog our hearts. This causes our blood pressure and cholesterol levels to increase, eventually leading to cardiovascular disease.

Reduced Risk of Back Problems

Sitting prevents essential nutrients and fresh blood from entering the soft, spongy discs between our vertebrae, leading to hard support tendons and ligaments. It also means that weight is distributed unevenly between vertebrae.

Improved Inner Health

When we sit, calorie burning drops to around 1 per minute. The enzymes responsible for breaking down fat drop about 90%, our good cholesterol drops about 20% and our insulin effectiveness drops about 24%.

Reduced Risk of Muscle Problems

Sitting causes the electrical activity in our leg muscles to shut off, which causes our glute muscles to become accustomed to little movement. You’ll find that your ability to maintain a powerful stride is considerably hampered.

Improved Blood Circulation

Sitting for long periods actually slows down blood circulation, which can cause fluid to pool in our legs. This can lead to swollen ankles, varicose veins and, potentially, dangerous blood clots known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Pain & Injury Relief

If you already suffer from pain or have sustained an injury, standing desks can actually offer some much-needed relief. As well as making the day more bearable for those affected, it can reduce the amount of sick leave taken.

Burns More Calories

When we stand, we burn around a third more calories than we do when sitting. This will not only help us to maintain a healthy weight, it can help to combat instances of obesity (which are on the rise here in Australia).

Good General Health

The health and overall wellbeing of your employees is paramount – if they feel happy and healthy, they will work far more productively. The use of height adjustable desks can actually help to put employees in a better mood.

How do standing desks work?

Generally, there are two methods of operation to choose from – manual desks require you to turn a crank handle in order to move the surface up or down, whereas electric desks allow you to adjust the height at the press of a button.

Some electric desks (known as “set and forget” models) even allow you to pre-set your desired height levels. When you wish to adjust the height, you just press the button instead of holding it down until you reach the desired height.