Why should I consider a height adjustable desk?

You (and your employees) could actually benefit from the use of a sit stand desk in a number of ways. Before making a final decision, it is important that you consider exactly how your workplace will benefit.

  • Burn More Calories
    Did you know that standing actually burns close to a third more calories than sitting does? If you are trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight without much time to hit the gym, you will find that standing desks can actually help you reach your goals
  • Increased Focus & Productivity
    Are you a victim of the 3 o’clock slump? You know, that period towards the end of the day when your brain feels like it’s checked out for the day? If so, you might find that a standing desk actually helps you to increase your focus and productivity by avoiding this slump.
  • Promotion of Ergonomics
    Many of the repetitive stress injuries that employees develop are actually the result of improper posture whilst sitting – such as slouching shoulders and abdominal compression. By standing at office desks, your posture is improved because your core and back muscles are kept engaged.
  • Promotion of Good Health
    There are a number of other health benefits that can arise from the use of height adjustable desks, including: improve circulation, regulated blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. Those who sit all day have actually twice the rate of cardiovascular disease than those who don’t.
  • Relief for Existing Conditions
    If you have already developed pain or repetitive stress injuries, you might actually find that standing helps to relieve some of the symptoms. Back pain, in particular, is usually a result of not using your back muscles enough – standing desks ensure that you hold yourself up.